Orchestrated by Paul-Henri, winemaker and oenologist, the winemaking is characterised by the richness of the Rhône.
The grapes are fermented whole.
This method, which has largely died
out in the rest of the region, requires
a manual harvest as well as a
rigorous selection of grapes at the
moment of picking. Paul-Henri
chose this method because he believes it allows the grapes to conserve more of their fruit flavour and gives the wine a certain aromatic complexity.
The cuverie works on the gravity
principle, which also helps protect
the raw material before vatting.
The grapes are fermented for between eight and twenty days, depending on the variety. Each parcel of vines and each grape variety is vinified separately to enable a better selection to be
made at the time of blending.
The blending is a result of family
tastings immediately after the fermentation and then again in the spring for the final blending.
The wine is then matured for
between eight and eighteen months
in cuve, depending on the wine.
After that comes the second stage of
ageing – the bottling. Relatively
unique in the region, the bottling is
done at the domaine.The objective of this is once again to preserve the aromas in the wine. For each cuve Paul-Henri decides exactly the right moment to bottle. There then follows a period of bottle ageing of between three and six months in the cellar at the domaine before the wine is sold.

The advent of a new winery designed to be even more respectful of the raw material will allow Paul-Henri and his brothers to express the soul of their terroir even better.


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