Snuggling in the hollow of a small valley, Domaine des Grands Devers comprises 62 acres of vineyard mainly planted on the hillsides.
Entirely surrounded by a dense forest of truffle oaks it benefits from
a unique position, protected from
both the north and south winds.
This incomparable situation entirely
controls the influence of the external environment.
Marked by the influence of the
‘Ponthias’, the wind that comes
off the foothills of the Alps,
the vineyard also has land which is slightly cooler yet comprising 3 different terroirs, all distinct but complementary when it comes to blending the different cuvées.
The valley floor is composed
of cool, sandy soils with some
clay and limestone.
The south is a sunny hillside whose soil is covered with pebbles and large red stones.To the north and the south the plateau reaches
360 metres, marked by a variety
of soils with red clay, chalk,
granite and quartz…
The planting has been influenced by the different soils.
Syrah, the dominant grape is planted in the valley bottom where it benefits
from the coolness andwhere it
ripens slowly as it likes to do.
Grenache, the other noble grape of the domaine, prefers the hillsides facing south where it can fully ripen and can express itself fully.
Mourvèdre and Carignan, with
their individual personalities, make up the remainder of the red varieties.
The white grapes Roussanne,
Marsanne and Viognier also grow well in the relative cool of the valley bottom.
It is from the combination of all
these elements that the wines of Domaine des Grands Devers
take root and give strength to their personality. Distinguished by finesse and elegance they are characterised by natural fruit and balance.

The numerous slopes and hillsides define the contours of the vineyard.
And it’s from this particular ity that it takes its name, ‘Devers’, meaning slope.
Here, where the climate carries an imprint of freshness, the grapes ripen a little later
than elsewhere and this enables them to express their individuality.


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