Ever since taking over at Domaine
des Grands Devers, the four
Bouchard brothers have tried to
follow as healthy a method of
viticulture as possible.
The average age of the vines is quite
high - close on 40 years - and it is
essential to preserve this inheritance.
Under the direction of Paul-Henri,
the resident oenologist, they decided to follow a cultivation regime called ‘lutte raisonnée’ (literally a well-reasoned struggle) which is designed to strengthen the vines using natural means. Little by
little the alternate grassing and
ploughing between the rows of vines
has been re-introduced in the
vineyard, along with organic
fertilizer made from composted
straw and lavender.
At the same time the four brothers started to use treatments that
respect the biological and ecological development of the vines. Also, they bought a new sprayer designed for more direct treatment, which allowed them to reduce the total amount used, and to direct it to where it is most needed.
This state of affairs has required
a more manual approach to the work in the vineyard: removing leaves to aerate the grapes and cutting off excess grapes to reduce yield…
a way of working which respects
the vine and at the same time
obtains more precise results.
The presence of truffles in the vineyard at Domaine des Grands Devers is a testimony to the unstinting care of Paul-Henri.


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